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This is the severity of Cristiano's punch to the face, Dalot and Bruno scored goal

By Harry Smith

This is the severity of Cristiano's punch to the face, Dalot and Bruno scored goal

Manchester United star in Portugal's match against Czech Republic

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The Nations League resumed on matchday 5 of the six matchdays to be played, the Portugal national team fielded Diogo Dalot, Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo. The match was Portugal's from the start, the balance was tipped from the moment they proposed an idea of play that could be effective. The Portuguese took the result 4-0 against Czech Republic.


The Red Devils' players were busy, with the Czech Republic goalkeeper, Tomas Vaclik, suffering a bloody nose injury and returning to the game after receiving medical attention. Right back, Diogo Dalto, confirmed that he is having a good moment scoring two goals for a defensive player, the player has cleared doubts and is in talks to renew his contract with the Red Devils.


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Bruno Fernandes has shown leadership since he played for Sporting, today he also contributed with a goal. Portugal did not fail as Spain did, and they are already leaders of group A2. Cristiano was insistent, he looked for many opportunities, he showed he was up to the task by getting back into the rhythm of the game, for a player who did not have a preseason he was very participative.


Portugal wins with three goals from the Red Devils and Cristiano bleeds


Cristiano seems to be stable to continue with the rest of his career, the competitiveness in Portugal is high, it is a very dynamic team that wants to offer new things. While at Manchester United, the case of Cristiano has been dismissed, he will struggle to regain his confidence and hard work through hard work and hard work.




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