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Manchester United will always need Cristiano Ronaldo

By Harry Smith

Manchester United will always need Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United is a team that has changed in the roles of key players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. 

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The Red Devils have changed a lot from previous seasons in which the players who had the task of being the leaders of the team, had many minutes so they did not have pace of play, this season things have changed, the Portuguese star missed the preseason by forcing his way out of the club, looked for options to leave Manchester United and to be in a team that will play Champions League this season.


Erik ten Hag did not like Cristiano's attitude, even sent messages on different occasions for the player to be present with the team, the Portuguese did not pay attention until he had no other option, and even though the player finished as the top scorer of the team last season, which showed that he is one of the best players in the world, the decision was made to send him to the bench.


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Cristiano Ronaldo had an inconsistent start to the season where after a few weeks he returned to the Man Utd starting line-up, to which he responded with the first goal of his season against Sheriff Tiraspol in the Europa League. Patrice Evra, Cristiano's former team-mate and iconic player, commented on the situation with the 37-year-old Portuguese.



"Maybe Manchester United will have to suffer, but they will always need Cristiano"


The former Manchester United player expressed himself about the situation that Cristiano lives in Man Utd, he understood the situation that he can feel frustrated, but at the same time he understands that it is part of the plan that the coach has, even though it may seem that Cristiano has no prominence, the team will always feel the need to have the player's presence.





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