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Bruno Fernandes sets off the alarms and could miss several games with Man United

Manchester United staff are concerned about the captain.

By Angus Barnes

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes
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The red devils are looking to get some better results in the next part of the season, but the injuries could be a real concern for the team this months.

Ten Hag's words after managing to get the FA Cup win with Manchester United

Manchester United new office is aware that the injuries have been a problem for the team in the current season, and this next months could be a real issue for the red devils that are looking to improve their results. On top of that it has been confirmed that Ten Hag is concerned abouth the squad depth as they might not have enough players to get the best results now.

"You saw, Forest were targeting him. I don't say what it is (injury), but it was a serious injury. Social media criticise him. It is pathetic. He has a very high pain threshold. It shows his leadership." Ten Hag said on Bruno Fernandes after the game ended. There is a concern that right now the portuguese midfielder might lose some of the next games of the team this next weeks.

This concerns come from the fact that there was a video of Bruno Fernandes getting into the red devils bus limping as soon as the game ended. This situation has led fans to believe that Bruno might be getting some rest in the next weeks as he seems to be close to getting injured if they do not rest him.

Bruno Fernandes was key for the red devils to get the win in the FA Cup as he was the one that took the free kick, and the team know the worth of the midfielder on the team. Erik ten Hag is now concerned that the next game is going to be the Manchester Derby and the office expects for the team to get a good result in that game.

Wayne Rooney celebrates Man United's victory and shows his support for Ten Hag

Bruno Fernandes's role

Bruno Fernandes has been pointed as a player that might not be the right player to be the red devils captain, but now it seems that if he actually gets some rest he could show the role that he plays on and off the pitch this season.

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