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Marcus Rashford is pointed out by Shearer and Rooney as Man United's problem

Manchester United winger has not been able to get good results.

By Angus Barnes

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford
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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and get some better results and in order to do that they need certain players to have some better performances now.

Relationship between Ten Hag and Rashford worries Man United with his new value

Manchester United office has named some players that are not going to be sold in the transfer window, and now it seems that they might be looking to go ahead and change those names in the next part of the season. One of the players on the list is Marcus Rashford, but now it seems that he is pointed as one of the problems for the team in the season.

Marcus Rashford still has to send out the correct message to the fans with his body language and at times this season he hasn't done that. He is getting frustrated.” Shearer said as Rashford has been unable to have an impact on the pitch so far in the game. Some sources believe that the relationship between Rashford and Ten Hag is completely broken and this could be a real concern.

Shearer then added, “I don't like his body language. As an individual he has to take responsibility for his actions. He has to do better, hold the ball up, stop waving his arms around. He's telling the fans that it's not his fault he lost the ball.” on the performance that Rashford has been having so far in this game.

On Rashford there were some more comments from Wayne Rooney that said, “Marcus Rashford is better on the left but he has to want to score. He doesn't put himself in the best positions.” as the winger is now the striker for the team due to the absence of Hojlund. Several sources believe that the red devils office might change their mind on the future of Rashford with his performances.

Man United players Ten Hag knows they have a lot to prove against N. Forest

Marcus Rashford's value

Most of the sources believe that the red devils are not going to entertain offers for Marcus Rashford, but the fact is that offers that get close to 150 million euros would be enough for the INEOS office to go ahead and change their idea on Rashford.

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