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Ten Hag gets tired of the problems with Man United and defends Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United captain needs to get respect from the rivals.

By Angus Barnes

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes
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The red devils are aware of the importance of several players, and they are also looking to make sure that they get the best out of this players this season.

Ten Hag ready to face the Manchester Derby and win with Manchester United

Manchester United is aware that there are some players that could still improve in the next part of the season as they are looking to get better results with their help. Bruno Fernandes is one of the players that the red devils know his importance as he is ready to go ahead and show that he is also fit to be the captain of the team for the next months.

"He's a very passionate football player. A very creative football player. He's created the most in the Premier League. Opponents are targeting him, especially after Saturday. I feel referee should protect him. They had a chance from the start of the game, it was so obvioius." Ten Hag said on Bruno Fernandes. There is some concern around the midfielder as there is a video of him limping the FA Cup.

Ten Hag then added, "I didn't know this. If they did it, I would say it is not right. It is absolutely not right that a club makes such statement. Totally out of order and wrong. They should apologise for this." on a Tik Tok that the Fulham team uploaded where they point Bruno for "faking" a foul last weekend.

"Highly, very highly. He is first of all, his football skills, so creative in the final third creating chances. He can score a goal. Also, his outputs, his contribution for defending. Reading the situation, the press. But also be the example by running and supporting players around him." Ten Hag ended as Bruno seems to be ready to keep working to actually go ahead and prove his value this season.

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Bruno Fernandes's future

There are some sources that believe that right now Bruno Fernandes is ready to go ahead and reject several offers from the Saudi Arabia team, as he still looks to get some better results with the red devils in the next part of his career with them.

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