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This is Harry Maguire's denial that he is out of football form

By Harry Smith

This is Harry Maguire's denial that he is out of football form

England lost to Italy, relegated to Nations League B, two points from a possible 15.

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The controversial player who has the limelight and the full confidence of manager Gareth Southgate. He commented that he does not consider himself out of form, that he does not read what is written about his level of football on social media. The player has been singled out more than once for what he brings to the team, how he plays in an England system that has fallen short of his aspirations.


On the Old Trafford stage the situation is the opposite, as, Maguire was one of the most active players in past seasons. The situation has changed since the Dutch manager arrived on the Manchester United bench, he realised that Harry Maguire was not adding to the strategy he wanted to use in matches, and he felt at a disadvantage when the player was on the pitch.


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The experienced French centre-back pairing of Raphael Varane and Argentine newcomer Lisandro Martinez confirmed Maguire's lack of minutes this season, as the team looked tidy, with plenty of communication between the players and their trainer.


Maguire says he won't look at what people want to say about him


Harry Maguire is in the spotlight, he has been criticised repeatedly, now he was singled out for his participation in the Nations League, which meant he started and once again the team lost, since the start of this season as long as he starts, the Red Devils or the England team, both scenarios are defeats.




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