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Strong criticism of a Manchester United player for his short stature

By Jose Castro

Strong criticism of a Manchester United player for his short stature

Sports commentators criticize the height of this player and his performance in games

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Manchester United have played two dates in the Premier League, they are in the worst start to the season in the last 100 years, which is something historic. In his debut he lost 2-1 against Brighton and last weekend he was humiliated 4-0 by Brentford. The situation is out of control and coach Erik ten Hag has received several criticisms for his performance, in addition the team is not complete and is still waiting for new soccer players who can help Cristiano Ronaldo.

This season Erik Ten Hag brought in a soccer player he knows well from his time at Ajax, the Argentinian Lisandro Martínez, a player who came to solve Manchester United's defensive problems, but this defender has been widely criticized for his performance in matches , although there is another factor that does not have the experts and fans of the Red Devils happy.

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This factor is his short stature, and it is that the ex English soccer player Jamie Redknapp criticized the Argentinian player in a quite strong way. “If you sign a central defender of 1.75 you will not be able to compete. Technically he is a good soccer player, he has played in the Dutch league and he knows the game, but in this league it is very difficult with his height”, words from the now sports journalist.

Criticize Lisandro Martínez for his short stature

Redknapp continued to criticize the short stature of Lisandro Martínez, a factor that will not help Manchester United much because there are quite tall players in the Premier League. “It can be good in the Dutch league, where it is not such physical soccer. But when you play here you know that week after week teams are looking to expose any weaknesses like Brentford did, like Brighton did last week and like Liverpool will. He's short, he's not tall enough”.  Jamie said.



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