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Rio Ferdinand wants these three academy players to start against Liverpool

By Harry Smith

Rio Ferdinand wants these three academy players to start against Liverpool

The ex-footballer believes the youngster would make a better performance than the current senior squad members

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After a terrible start to the season, Manchester United and Erik ten Hag have been in the search for new players to sign as soon as possible in order to turn around the situation they are stuck in. However, Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand doesn’t think they have to look at the market because there are young players who deserve a chance.

The former England and United defender made an appearance at the ‘Vibe With Five podcast’ where he admitted he was tired of the same players being given opportunity after opportunity: “Do you know what? Throw the kids in. I would. Do you know why? When you don’t get an effort, you don’t deserve to get the shirt”.

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“There are young kids in there, Jimmy Garner, Charlie Savage, Zidane, all these other kids whether they’re good enough in terms of whether they’re good players, in the long run, is not the point for me. I think it’s beyond that, you need to send a message to people and say you aren’t just going to keep getting the shirt”.

Ferdinand believes that the young blood would show more character than the current players who have already shown that not being good enough: “Mistake after mistake, lack of application every week, desire not there, moaning behind the scenes probably. I bet they’re all moaning and pointing the finger. It’s not good enough. Put the kids in”.

Message received

Following Rio’s words, it has been reported that Manchester United’s football director John Murtough, has made the decision to put James Garner up for sale this summer transfer window in order to make money that could be used for the signing of Adrien Rabiot. Rich Fay also reported that Zidane Iqbal and Charlie Savage have both received offers from Championship clubs and are being analyzed.

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