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Former Manchester United director goes off about the Glazers

Michael Knighton wants the Glazers out just like the rest of the fans

By Harry Smith

Michael Knighton wants the Glazers out just like the rest of the fans
Michael Knighton wants the Glazers out just like the rest of the fans
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Earlier this month, Michael Knighton announced publicly his intention of buying the club which would be his second go at it. The businessman was really close to buying the club back in 1989, but the deal collapsed at the last minute. However, he ended up being part of the board of directors for a while before leaving some years later. Now he spoke to MailOnline Sport about the current owners.

Knighton says he will even support other investors to get the current owners out: “I knew I had to do something to try and stop the travesty of Glazer ownership. I knew all the historical rubbish about me being a ‘circus act’ would be regurgitated but I couldn’t sit on my hands. Even if my role ultimately is to smoke the Glazers out so a wealthier man like Jim Ratcliffe ends up owning the club, it will have been worthwhile”.

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“There are strong comparisons between Manchester United in 1989 and Manchester United now, apart from the figures involved becoming much bigger. United was a failing business in ‘89. When I was juggling that ball, they’d just announced losses of £1.3m on a turnover of £7m. The fans hated the Edwards family and they hadn’t won the league for 22 years. And look at where the club are now”.

Michael gave the fans some hope for the rest of the season: “The Glazers keep saying they don’t want to sell their main stake but, with what they are faced with, they will be looking for their exit. Of course, they want top dollar but they will go, they will sell their shareholding before the end of the season. They will not own Manchester United this time next year”.

The Glazers Out movement

On Monday there will be a protest organized by Manchester United fans against the owners outside Old Trafford before the Liverpool game. It will be just like last year’s protest before the same match. However, it is still unknown if the protestors will be entering the stadium and getting the match suspended just like last time.

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