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Cristiano Ronaldo could be evaluating his options for the winter transfer window

By Harry Smith

Cristiano Ronaldo could be evaluating his options for the winter transfer window

The Portuguese superstar isn't happy with the number of minutes he is playing

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Despite Manchester United being back from a poor start of the season and now looking like the team to beat in the Premier League, not everything is perfect at the club. Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t featured in the new manager’s plans and is getting frustrated from watching the games sitting on the bench.

The Portuguese striker has started five out of the first six games of the season sitting on the bench, which is something he has never experienced in his career as he still is one of the best players in the world. This has got him very angry and he hasn’t given up on finding a way out of the club soon.

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The 37-year-old spent the entire summer trying to find a new club that would have allowed him to play in the UEFA Champions League this season after Manchester United failed to qualify after a disastrous last season. Unfortunately for him, no club made an offer for him as he is considered too old and expensive by the other clubs.

This made him stay at Manchester United for the rest of the year. However, Erik ten Hag hasn’t forgiven him yet because he missed the entire pre-season tour with the team as he was looking for a club interested in him. The new manager didn’t appreciate that and it’s letting him know by not playing him from the start.

The options that he is evaluating

Cristiano Ronaldo has to choose between staying at Manchester United and working hard to earn his new manager’s trust, or asking to be sold again in January when the new transfer window opens up. Nevertheless, by doing this, he would still have to find a team interested enough in him that can pay him his wages.

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