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Media pundits keep whining about Manchester United’s recent run

By Harry Smith

Media pundits keep whining about Manchester United’s recent run

Some media pundits can't get over the fact that Manchester United are back

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As everybody knows, Manchester United is the biggest club in the world, and that’s why in addition to having the most extensive fan base around the globe, it also has a lot of haters that are jealous of the club’s success and greatness. Most of them are Liverpool fans and other smaller teams in England.

After the current winning streak that Erik ten Hag and his team have at the moment, the media pundits haven’t stopped whining and saying that the team isn’t playing well, although we are winning football matches and are only three points away from being on top of the Premier League table after defeating the league leaders Arsenal.

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Now it was the former Liverpool player Graeme Souness who said on talkSPORT that said that the team is not playing the “United way” and that this isn’t how they are supposed to play. The ex-footballer is showing how much he envies Manchester United at the moment while his team is struggling after just winning two games this season.

Another pundit that showed his frustration at seeing Manchester United back on top was Simon Jordan. The former owner of Crystal Palace said on TalkSPORT that he doesn’t believe Erik ten Hag is the right man for the job. This only shows how he is trying to apply pressure on the manager, but it isn’t going to work.

We are back

They can talk all they want, but only one thing is certain, Manchester United are back and all Premier League teams should be very afraid of what Erik ten Hag is capable of doing with this group of players. The Dutch manager is slowly transforming their mentality and is making them winners, as they should be.

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