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Ben Foster revealed the tactics that worked against Manchester United

By Harry Smith

Ben Foster revealed the tactics that worked against Manchester United

The goalkeeper said those tactics wouldn't have worked against Liverpool or Manchester City

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The former Manchester United goalkeeper, Ben Foster has come out and talked about the recent rough patch the club has been into the last couple of years. Last season, while he was playing for Watford, he beat the Red Devils 4-1 and then drew 0-0 against them. The season ended and he didn’t extend his contract with The Hornets and is looking for a new club as a free agent.

In the meantime, he took the time to speak with ‘talkSPORT’ about those matches against United last campaign: “When you are playing someone like Man Utd you have just got to go up against them. They have got quality players but if you get up into them, they will struggle a little bit and that’s always the way that we tried to approach those games”.

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He clarifies that this could have only been done to Manchester United because they were in a bad place under Ole Gunnar Solskjær as manager: “Going back to Liverpool and Man City, we would be scared about trying to get up into their faces, because they have got so much more technical ability to play it around you and if they get behind you, you struggle”.

The 39-year-old also added that there was an atmosphere of negativity back then when they won 4-1 at Old Trafford which eventually cost Ole his job: “The longer the game went on the more Man Utd fans would get onto the United players’ backs and you could feel this sort of atmosphere and that is what’s wrong with it at the minute”.

Ben Foster and his history with the Red Devils

The English goalkeeper was signed by Manchester United back in 2005 but was immediately loaned out to Watford for two seasons. He came back in 2007 and was a backup player for three more years. Eventually, he left in 2010 because he only had 23 appearances with the club and wanted to play more regularly.

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