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Ferdinand confirms surprising way in which Man United signed Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United was close to not signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

By Angus Barnes

Cristiano Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand
Cristiano Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand
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The red devils were looking for another player, and the situation eventually allowed them to go ahead and sign the portuguese winger and the rest is history for the team.

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Manchester United made one of their most important signings for the team in the past when they were able to go ahead and sign Cristiano Ronaldo, and the fact is that right now that his career seems to be close to an end, the fact is that the team is aware that he is one of the most important players on the history of the team so far right now.

“I remember when Cristiano Ronaldo signed we went on tour to Lisbon and he was actually lucky that we signed him. It was only on the disappointment of not signing Ronaldinho that summer," Rio Ferdinand started, and this shows that the team might have not ever completed the deal if the situation went a different way and the history of the team and the player could have taken a different route.

Ferdinand added, "I remember we were going to sign Ronaldinho but he chose to leave PSG for Barcelona. The manager was absolutely devastated. Then on the tour he went to Sporting Lisbon to open the stadium, Cristiano Ronaldo plays and the rest is history." and this shows that if the brazilian was available until that moment the deal was different.

"He was away on pre-season and we were as close as announcing him and giving him a number but I think he ended up changing his mind at the last minute and signing for Barcelona. It's strange really because we played Barcelona on that pre-season tour," Ferdinand ended, and this shows the way that Cristiano Ronaldo arrived to the team to really jump on his career as a player.

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Cristiano Ronaldo future

Cristiano Ronaldo has talked a few times about his retirement, but the fact is that right now the portuguese player has confirmed that there is not an actual date for this to happen and he could be ready to continue for some more years playing football now.

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