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Former Man United player defends Hojlund against some of his current teammates

Manchester United striker has not been able to get the best results so far.

By Angus Barnes

Rasmus Hojlund
Rasmus Hojlund
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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and make some changes to the team that could actually benefit the young striker for the next part of the season.

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Manchester United main concern is the lack of goals, but now it has been confirmed that there are several pundits and former players that believe that the red devils might have the need to bring some new players that could actually support the striker in the next part of the season to actually get some better results that could actually help the team as well in the next few months.

“Honestly, it must be shit to be Rasmus Højlund and play with those teammates. No strikers want to play alongside Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Garnacho,” Paul Parker, a former red devil that played for the team for five years said, and this could show the current situation of the team when it comes to the fact that they need to score more goals int he next part of the season.

Parker added, “I’ve seen that Roy Keane has said that Højlund hasn’t shown enough desire to score goals, but it must also be difficult when you never get the ball. However, I can see where Keane is coming from because Højlund sometimes doesn’t make the runs into the box, which is a weakness. He needs to improve on that." now

“On the other hand, all Manchester United fans understand him. Why should he exert energy on it when he won’t get the ball anyway? I’ve said it before, but he needs to be more selfish. He should demand to get the ball every time.” Parker ended and the fact is that right now the team might be looking to go ahead and change this current situation for the team now.

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Rasmus Hojlund future

Most of the sources right now believe that the main soluton for the red devils would be to actually go ahead and secure the arrival of a new striker to the team and this could actually help them to get some bette results for the young striker.

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