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Casemiro sends a message that could define his future at Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder might be ready to make an important deal happen.

By Angus Barnes

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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team in the next part of the season, and this could start with the move of some players.

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Manchester United main concern right now is the fact that the new office of the team is looking to make some changes, and the fact is that they are also looking for players that could actually have a future with the team, and this means that players that have been on the team for several years now might have to go ahead and look for a new team as well.

"I was very well received by the club, the players and the fans. I received a lot of love, on and off the pitch. A unique and magical experience, and I needed a such an experience. I'm very happy in Manchester and playing for Manchester United" and the fact is that the brazilian midfielder could be one of the first players that might have to go ahead and change teams.

Casemiro added, "I am the type of person who focuses on short-term goals, because life is full of long-term goals. We have to take step by step and continue to grow and achieve victories." and this shows that the midfielder might be looking for a change of teams and there might be some offers for him to make it happen.

"You need a solid base and stability within the club, which is the most important thing, and then you will think about more important things. That's why we have to be patient." Casemiro added, and the fact is that he is a player that Sir Jim Ratcliffe sees as one of the biggest mistakes for the red devils and this could also be the reason he is willing to move.

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Casemiro value

Most of the sources currently believe that the red devils are now looking to go ahead and sell Casemiro and this would allow them to get at least 40 million euros that they could use as a boost for the summer transfer window for the team right now.

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