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Michael Olise reveals childhood team and decides between Man United and Chelsea

Manchester Untied have received some news that could define the future of the winger.

By Angus Barnes

Michael Olise
Michael Olise
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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team, and they could be ready to go ahead and make some important deals for the team future.

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Manchester United main concern right now is the fact that the red devils are now looking to get some better results, and this might have the need to include some new players that could actually go ahead and help the team in the next part of the season to actually get the best results that they can for the next few seasons of the team and for the players themselves.

One of the main targets for the INEOS office is the fact that they are looking for a new manager that could actually help the team in the next part of the season, and the fact is that right now they might be looking to go ahead and sign the perfect replacement for Antony that definitely has not been able to perform to the standards of the team as well.

Several sources that are close to Michael Olise, the Crystal Palace winger that is currently one of the main targets for the red devils, have been to confirm that he would put a deal for the red devils in front of the Chelsea offer, now that he has been a fan of the team since he was a child now.

Michael Olise seems to be the perfect option for the red devils, and the fact is that now it has been confirmed that the team is only looking for the best offer that could actually secure his arrival and this might be ideal for the team in the next part of the season to actually make the deal happen in the next part of the season to reinforce this position.

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Michael Olise value

Most of the sources have also confirmed that the main offer for Michael Olise could include a total amount of 20 million euros plus Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and this might be the ideal deal for the team to actually go ahead and secure his arrival to the team.

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