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Elanga remembers Cristiano Ronaldo advice before facing Man United in the FA Cup

Manchester United former winger seems ready to face the team.

By Angus Barnes

Anthony Elanga and Cristiano Ronaldo
Anthony Elanga and Cristiano Ronaldo
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The red devils are looking to advance to the next round in the FA Cup, and now it seems that their former winger is ready to stop their trophy hopes.

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Manchester United new office is aware that the FA Cup could be the last chance for the team in the current season to actually go ahead and win a trophy, that is why the next game is really important. On top of that it also seems that the future of Ten Hag with the team could actually change if he is able to at least reach the FA Cup final.

"There was a time when I missed a penalty [against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup] and after that, he kept speaking to me and telling me, ‘It’s not the end of the world, I’ve missed loads before and you’ve shown character and professionalism taking one at your age.’" Elanga remembered as the advice from Cristiano Ronaldo. Now it seems that Elanga is more than ready to face his former team.

Anthony Elanga said on that, "For me, it’s about showing I can do it against any team. Especially coming up against your old team you want to show them even more that you can do it." he was one of the players that Ten Hag decided not to give a chance to, now he is ready to prove him wrong.

"I feel I need to keep in my lane and keep doing what I’m doing. The people on the outside don’t know me so I don’t listen to the external noise. I just stay inside and try and keep improving." Elanga ended ahead of the FA Cup game. The red devils office has made the idea to reach the final of this competition one of the main goals this season.

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Erik ten Hag problem

Facing Elanga could be one of the main reasons why the manager is now looking to give more minutes to other players. This situation seems to also be an issue for the INEOS office, that are still deciding the future of the manager on the project.

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