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Ridiculous amount Man United offered to Kylian Mbappé, as they prepare new offer

Manchester United are ready to offer more for Kylian Mbappé.

By Angus Barnes

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé
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The red devils are looking to get some important players in the transfer window, and right now it does seem they might be looking to shake the market this summer.

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Manchester United new office still has the idea to sign a really important player for the team, as this would help them show their intentions with the team and the amount they are ready to spend. One of the main targets for this summer transfer window seems to be Kylian Mbappé, now that they would also be ready to go ahead and improve the first offer that they already sent.

Most of the sources have been able to confirm that the red devils sent an offer to Kylian Mbappé that included a signing bonus of 200 million euros to secure his arrival in the summer. This offer was rejected, but Sir Jim Ratcliffe seems to be open to make yet another offer as the french striker could be key not only for the team, but also for the new project.

On top of the signing bonus it has also been confirmed that the offer included a salary of 500 million euros for a 5 year contract with the red devils, but this was also rejected. Sources close to Kylian Mbappé have confirmed that he has his mind set on the Real Madrid team, but a new offer might change that.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe seems to be keen on the idea to go ahead and secure a new offer for Kylian Mbappé, as he is ready to put up to 600 million euros for the salary of the french striker now. The main feeling right now is that there is no intention from the player to reject the spanish team at this moment, but the red devils are willing to try.

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Kylian Mbappé's future

Most of the sources have even confirmed that he has already signed a contract with the Real Madrid team to secure his arrival in the summer, but now he could be ready to also go ahead and listen to the really big offer from the red devils.

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