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Wayne Rooney believes Manchester United players should take a look at the mirror

By Harry Smith

Wayne Rooney believes Manchester United players should take a look at the mirror

Wayne Rooney believes the players should play for the team and stop talking on social media

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Last night, Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney talked to Times Sport about the complicated situation that the Red Devils are going through at the start of the season. The club’s top goalscorer in history didn’t hold back when he was asked about the current players on the team and said what he doesn’t like about them.

He believes they aren’t working as a team and only focusing on themselves: “Watching Manchester United, I see players throwing their arms up and shouting at teammates but I don’t see them talking, or looking at themselves before. I see them making eye-catching runs to close down the goalkeeper but not 50-yard runs back to stop the attack”.

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The 36-year-old said that he and the fans are tired of the players apologizing on social media: “I see them going up to the crowd after the game apologizing or coming out on social media with all the guff: ‘We go again’. The fans see through that. My message would be to stop apologizing and just get on with your job and work. That’s all the fans want”.

However, he believes in the new manager: “We should remember that this is only the start of Erik ten Hag’s reign, that he’ll need time, and that he’ll have identified a number of issues to address when the time is right. He clearly wants to see the players he inherited and give them a chance. But he also needs to do something quickly”.

Trust the process

The ex-footballer and now manager of DC United in the MLS also added that if the team just competes and looks solid against Liverpool, the fans will start to back the manager, even if they end up losing. He knows that Erik ten Hag will need some time to really implement his football philosophy and vision to this group of players.

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