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The reason why Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw were absent last night

Both players haven't played the number of minutes they would've liked

By Harry Smith

Both players haven't played the number of minutes they would've liked
Both players haven't played the number of minutes they would've liked
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Last night’s win against Leicester City has all the Manchester United fans buzzing after getting their third win in a row this season. However, there was something that some people realized right before kick-off. The two backup full-backs weren’t included in the squad for the game against the Foxes, as they were nowhere to be seen on the bench.

For this reason, Erik ten Hag was questioned by one of Manchester United’s closest sources Samuel Luckhurst, to which the manager answered him that they weren’t included because of “small complaints”. There was no following-up question regarding this topic, so every United supported started wondering what this meant.

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Maybe the Dutch manager didn’t express himself as he wanted since English is not his first language. He might have been trying to say that they both were having small injuries that prohibited them to be part of the team, or maybe they really complained to him due to their lack of playtime on the field in the recent fixtures.

Yesterday it was reported by Jonathan Shrager that Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s representation was angry at the club because they felt that his situation could’ve been handled better this summer. They didn’t like that Erik ten Hag and the club’s board suddenly decided not to explore a late loan for the English man since he hasn’t played much this season.

Something ain’t right

Although Wan-Bissaka’s camp might be correct because he has been benched in all the first five games of the season and has only played the last 10 minutes against Liverpool, Luke Shaw has nothing to be complaining about. He has been the starting left-back for a few years and played poorly in the first two games. Now Tyrell Malacia is playing ahead of him and he has started to complain.

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