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The main objective is the renovation of this players in the immediate term

By Harry Smith

The main objective is the renovation of this players in the immediate term

Manchester United want to have a solid squad, and they don't want to lose essential players.

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The Red Devils are in a stage of reconstruction in many areas, among which could be that they are looking for an identity to become the club of yesteryear, a team that was used to win titles constantly and be in the fight of the most consistent teams in the international arena. Erik ten Hag's project is hopeful, as there is a style to be demonstrated.


Manchester United is working with its players to be able to take advantage and get the best possible performance, it is a constant in the team of the Dutch manager who wants to give prominence to players who are not very confident.

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The fact is that Erik ten Hag sat players who were emblematic, or with a specific weight in the team. He wanted to change that situation, and sent players like Cristiano or Maguire to the bench. And instead, he achieved an identity with players who were irregular despite having a lot of talent, such is the case of Diogo Dalot at left-back, who has earned the position through the effort he has put in, he has become a permanent fixture, even though the team no longer looked for a signing for his position.


And the other case is Marcus Rashford who, in the words of Erik ten Hag said that he trusts his attack in this player, in addition, he is confident that he can score more than 20 goals this tournament.


Manchester United seek contract renewals for Dalot and Rashford


Not everything is signings for the coach's strategy, it is also to give confidence to players who have a lot of talent, who were already part of the club, but for some reason did not have a regular moment in their minutes played. One of the objectives of the board is to renew the contracts of these two players who are regulars in the coach's strategy.



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