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Player who did not want to sign for Man Utd said why he turned down offer

By Harry Smith

Player who did not want to sign for Man Utd said why he turned down offer

Manchester United had a top target in midfield that they were looking to revamp.

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The Red Devils began a rebuilding process this season, as last season proved to be a disastrous year for the club as they failed to qualify for this year's Champions League. This year they set out to turn this adversity around, spending more than £200 million on signings, which represents a historic high for the team.

The Red Devils are a team that sought out a host of players to help them cope with a difficult start to the season, as they began with two defeats in a row and alarm bells went off at Old Trafford. They signed Antony and Casemiro for almost £150 million, in the case of Casemiro they were hesitating as the first choice to come to Man Utd was Barcelona's Dutch midfielder Frenkie de Jong.

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In the end it was difficult to convince the Barcelona player who had unresolved issues with his board, which is why it was leaked in the media that he could leave. Recently the player commented when asked about Man Utd's interest. He commented that he always wanted to be part of Barcelona, and despite having differences he always chose to stay in Spain.

Frenkie de Jong was Erik ten Hag's first choice for a move to Barcelona

The 25-year-old was liked by the Manchester United coach, the system he brings on the pitch was one of the conditions that the team was looking for. It could have been a reunion between Erik and Frenkie, who shared a squad with Ajax. In the end that did not convince him to come and play for the Red Devils. Casemiro ended up being the option that also pleased the coach.



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