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Preferring to play with this team, young Englishman distances himself from Man Utd's chances

By Harry Smith

Preferring to play with this team, young Englishman distances himself from Man Utd's chances

The player has not been attracted to return to play in his home country and prefers a destination other than the Premier League

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Manchester United are at a stage where they will be looking to sign the best players in order to be a competitive team. The project started very strongly as they spent a record £225 million on signings this summer, but it will still be an option for the team to strengthen in the winter depending on results in the coming weeks.


The players have been adapting as time goes by, little by little the team will be noticed and from there see what they can improve, the team is far from its best years competing in England and must return to those winning streaks of titles, for this it is necessary to create a solid team that can beat any opponent, a team that knows how to work as a team to get the best results.


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The case with the young Englishman, Jude Bellingham, does not see close his return to England to play in his country, the midfielder has another desire of the teams that have been asking, what Jude wants is to get to play in a team that you are at the top, he rejects the idea of coming to play in the Premier League, he is thinking of another destination that called him more to talk a furor transfer.


Man Utd are missing out on Bellingham who wants to go to Real Madrid


According to Sky Sports, the team that the English midfielder prefers is Real Madrid, the current Champions League champions, before the players were more attracted to play with Manchester United, there is an essence that hopefully will not be lost, a team that does not know how to negotiate when they have such a strong interest from another team.







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