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De Gea and Cristiano guilty of Manchester United's crisis

By Harry Smith

De Gea and Cristiano guilty of Manchester United's crisis

The players are two of the most emblematic players of the Red Devils.

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Manchester United is a project that is starting in charge of Erik ten Hag, his arrival caused a series of changes to achieve good results with the team, although their first two games were defeats, certain details of the lineup were adjusted, and even the players were required correctly in their personal development, and ability to trust in what they could contribute to this team.


That developed a base of players who are in good footballing form, good results have come to Old Trafford. There is a healthy competition to find the best level of each player in their work, that will generate the chemistry that this coach is looking for. But being in this transition does not prevent the team from having other concerns, as they are a team that plays in the Europa League and directly affects the finances of the club, which remains the highest paying team.


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Manchester United revealed last year's financial losses, worrying numbers on the part of the team, the debt extended. What did not stop Man Utd from investing in reinforcements, £225 million was the amount spent in the summer transfer window, the highest amount the club has ever spent on reinforcements in its history. That is worrying for the club's revenues. Cristiano Ronaldo and David de Gea are the two highest paid players, they will eventually consume a lot of money and they will be free agents in summer 2023.


Keeping two players on the payroll who are set to leave the club is a loss


The team is in the red, making risky investments in players, coaching staff and other expenses that do not make a positive balance. The team led by Erik ten Hag is one of the most hopeful projects in recent years, and where it seems that the board will invest a lot of money, the pressure is evident in the offices of Old Trafford, urging good results.




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