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Marcus Rashford says he likes Erik ten Hag's philosophy

By Harry Smith

Marcus Rashford says he likes Erik ten Hag's philosophy

The England and Manchester United player believes Erik ten Hag's idea suits him

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Speaking to Sky Sports and Football Daily, ahead of the next fixture against Liverpool on Monday, Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford opened up and explained what is like to be coached by Erik ten Hag. He also hopes he and his teammates can quickly adapt to their new manager’s ideas and philosophy to start enjoying football again.

The 24-year-old admitted that it has taken them more time than they first expected to understand what their coach wants them to do on the pitch: “I think it just takes time to adapt. I think we have adapted to some managers quicker than we thought and with some managers we took longer than we expected to”.

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He likes what ten Hag is bringing to the table: “But the bottom line is that we get there and you feel comfortable doing the stuff that the manager wants you to do. I am enjoying it and this manager definitely wants you to enjoy it and work hard as a unit. I have always said that when you work hard as a unit it is ten times more enjoyable”.

When asked about how hard he is training he said: “That is not negotiable at the club. Your situation at the club always changes. Sometimes you’re in a good spot, sometimes you’re not in a good spot. But the one thing that has to remain the same is your dedication and your commitment to training and the games. I have to give 100 percent for myself, my family, friends, and fans”.

He wants to redeem himself

Marcus Rashford made his Manchester United senior debut back in 2015 when he outbursted from the academy and made a name for himself as a teenager. He has now played more than 300 games with the Red Devils’ jersey scoring 93 goals. Unfortunately, he comes from his worst season ever as a professional due to injuries and hopes to get back to the level he has shown before.

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