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Marcus Rashford asks the fans to get behind the team ahead of the Liverpool game

By Harry Smith

Marcus Rashford asks the fans to get behind the team ahead of the Liverpool game

The young England forward believes that the fans' support could help the team get a good result against Liverpool

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While the rest of the team gets prepared, Marcus Rashford talked to the club media this week about his feelings ahead of Monday’s match against Liverpool at Old Trafford. The forward reflected on past performances against their rivals and hope he and his teammates can turn this situation around and beat Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Rashford said that they always try to win, but admitted that facing your rivals adds up extra motivation to him and the rest of the squad: “Against anyone, you want to win but against your Liverpools, and Manchester Citys, you want to prove why you play for Manchester United. Winning against Liverpool is the same feeling as when I was a kid”.

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When remembering his four goals against Liverpool, he accepted those goals are something special to him: “After the game, you realize a goal is a goal and you need to score them against any team. But the initial feeling is massive and it’s something that you crave as a player and I don’t think that ever leaves you”.

Finally, the 24-year-old asked the fans to root for them: “Just get behind us. From what I can remember, when we have beaten Liverpool, the fans have helped us massively. It’s always a difficult game physically and mentally, so we’ll definitely need them. They will be up for the game, they’ll want to beat Liverpool just as much as we do”.

The biggest game of the year

Last season, Manchester United lost twice to Liverpool in the Premier League with shocking scoreboards of 5-0 at Old Trafford, and 4-0 at Anfield. Hopefully, the players use that memory to gain enough courage to get back at them and show what United is all about. A victory over their fiercest rivals could be the stepping stone the team needs to change the course of the season.

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