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Manchester United missed Maguire, these two defenders made mistakes

Two players in the team's defence came out of the blocks for this crucial game. 

By Harry Smith

Two players in the team's defence came out of the blocks for this crucial game. 
Two players in the team's defence came out of the blocks for this crucial game. 
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The Red Devils lost a key game against Aston Villa, it was very difficult for the Red Devils' aspirations, besides it would have been an important game to aspire to other positions, they had to win the game above any other situation, they had to look for ways to develop a good game on this occasion, they have had many failures in what concerns this season the Red Devils club, there was not a good dynamic.

It is very difficult not to take advantage of the fact that other teams in the Big Six will be facing each other this weekend, which means that they can take advantage of the fact that they can move up in the standings, as they are teams that are in contention for the top positions. They knew this game would be crucial for the Red Devils' hopes as they looked to build on their unbeaten run.

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The team had a big flaw in what was their strength for a long time, in the last few games the development of the game was based on their midfielders, now they couldn't make their attacking options concrete, this dynamic failed the Red Devils club, there was no good association with Donny van de Beek playing further forward, Eriksen and Casemiro didn't feel comfortable with the Dutchman, they didn't have a good association to create chances.

The main problem was where the team was performing the most, it was the Red Devils defence, they couldn't stand out in a good way on this day, they tried to create many options to look for this commitment to keep adding, being very insistent to be able to have that balance they had previously, they had conceded only one goal in the last seven games, now they have a very big flaw in the team.

Lisandro and Lindelof had mistakes, they missed captain Harry Maguire

Lisandro Martinez accompanied by Victor Lindelof had a series of mistakes, they were not very assertive in their decisions at the back, there was an important defensive streak in the team, they have lost convincingly with an inoperative team in many areas of the game, they could make up for it in different ways, but they lost in the development of the game, there was no connection between the players in this match. Harry Maguire would have been missing in a game where they need team leaders.


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