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Team scouts don't want this player, already looking for his replacement

Manchester United have yet to renew a player who has been iconic at the club.

By Harry Smith

Manchester United have yet to renew a player who has been iconic at the club.
Manchester United have yet to renew a player who has been iconic at the club.
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The Red Devils will wait for longer negotiations with this player who has been at the club for more than a decade, is the second highest paid player in the squad, that has affected the decision to renew it more complicated, they know what is capable of the goalkeeper that a few games ago would be 500 games with the institution of the Red Devils where he has been a key player, is a signing of the time of Sir Alex Ferguson.

He has been in very important moments of the club, he has also been part of very complicated moments in the team, he was a reference in the worst moments of the club in recent years, being a fundamental part of what has mattered this team, has sought an option to reach an agreement on what they will decide in the future with the Spanish player, they know it is important to keep the player, but also consider a change in the team.

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He has had a complicated job this season where he has had a great performance in the team, he has been a key piece for the team to maintain a good pace of play, he has had great interventions to save the team based on saves that have served for many fans to ask for the renewal of this player, as well as another sector of the fans prefer to change the player for another in his position, there are twelve seasons defending the goal of Man Utd for this goalkeeper.

A part of the board wants to renew the position in the team of Erik ten Hag, they do not want to continue with David de Gea in the team, since a few weeks ago they have in their sights the one who would be his replacement, the scouts of the team are insisting to the board to look for this player, they want to sign the Porto goalkeeper, they know he is a great player, they are interested in the idea that the board is considering, it is the position they have before the situation they are going through with the renewal of de Gea.

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The 23 year old goalkeeper is a player who is having a great current affairs in Portugal, he is the player who would be the replacement of David de Gea, although the Spaniard has decided to take the decision to reduce his salary, he still has no news about his renewal, he has not been given information about this situation, he wants to remain in the institution, but he knows that the decision is on Erik ten Hag, who is in charge of finding the best solution for his ambitious team project.


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