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He's ready to convince the manager, Cristiano and his second chance

By Harry Smith

He's ready to convince the manager, Cristiano and his second chance

Cristiano could be Erik ten Hag's revelation, he knows he is on a scoring streak.

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The 37-year-old Portuguese player started the current season full of doubts and mistrust, as his long-awaited departure from the Red Devils "provoked" friction with the current squad, and he was also exposed for reporting late in pre-season.


He started the first two official matches of the team, which they lost both times, coach Erik ten Hag decided to use him as a substitute for the following matches, where the club won the last four matches. Cristiano is supported by the current squad, as they were repeatedly questioned by Ronaldo.


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The comments are full of gratitude for sharing a dressing room with someone who was supposed to be a problem within the team, plus he has been seen in fan publications with a different attitude towards the institution, this is undoubtedly a big step for Man Utd's aspirations this season.


In training ahead of the Europa League game away to Moldova's Sheriff, Cristiano has been very expectant of his manager who has arrived with a different mentality on the bench. The Portuguese wants to show that he can be the benchmark he has been all his career, and that he deserves a place in the team's starting eleven.


Cristiano's change of attitude will help him to adapt to the role he will have


Manchester United will have a table where after facing Sheriff will not see activity until October, it will be a small pre-season for Cristiano where there will be the opportunity to show that he has the commitment with the club, and that the rumours of the summer are things of the past, today he is still a Red Devil and that is what matters.





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