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Mason Grenwood called up to play for Man Utd 22/23?

By Harry Smith

Mason Grenwood called up to play for Man Utd 22/23?

The player has been sidelined and is inactive pending the outcome of his legal case

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The England footballer will remain on bail after being charged with assaulting his partner. In addition, Police have confirmed that there will be no further updates on the case until the final verdict is determined, which will determine his future at the club, and also what is next for his career.

It is in these cases that the Red Devils institution concentrates on the football issue, what really matters at the end of the day, the objectives that the club will pursue, the strategy to play the games, the collective achievements for the trophy cabinets, among so many things that are fundamental to the essence of the club.

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At the moment the player is still active in the club's squad, so much so that he continues to receive his weekly salary of £75,000, which will not determine what will continue at the club, simply that the team fulfils the contractual part of the young Englishman's contract. Mason faces charges of violence and awaits the final verdict to see what will happen.

In the meantime, by remaining part of the squad, his name was automatically leaked on the active list of players for this season, that does not mean that the player will be active, it was simply an automatic move. The player's case is a very sensitive one and in the meantime Man Utd will not be putting their hands up for any player who commits the acts for which the player has been accused.

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The England player has been registered in the under-21 team eligible for the Premier League, it means nothing in his situation that he is going through, as it is totally unrelated to Manchester United who even dropped him from the squad since January, the only link he has with the club today is that they pay his wages.



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