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Former Premier League player attacks Bruno Fernandes

By Jose Castro

Former Premier League player attacks Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has had a poor performance at the start of the season in the Premier League

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Manchester United is experiencing a sad reality at this start of the season in the Premier League, the two defeats in the first dates against Brighton and Brentford, have the team in last place in the table, something that the fans did not expect, in addition to the The performance of all the players has left annoyance due to their lack of discipline and character.

One of the players who has also received strong criticism is Bruno Fernandes, last season the Portuguese had a great performance, but now he has had a malfunction, that is why a former Premier League player made strong accusations against the midfielder.

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“Bruno Fernandes has great numbers but he is the worst teammate of all. Every time a player or himself loses the ball, he raises his arms to his teammates or the bench. I have played with players like him. He would have you fuming every day. He presses from time to time. If it was Pogba they would be slaughtering him every day,” Agbonhalor said.

Bruno Fernandes is the worst partner

Did you see him do something? It's easy to say Maguire, Cristiano, Rashford and Sancho. I don't remember the last time Bruno Fernandes played a decent game. He's always the one gesturing with his arms. Even when he gives it away. He could pass it to you being offside and he would blame you.


 That's the kind of player Bruno Fernandes is. The worst possible teammate”, sentenced Agbonhalor.

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