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Erik ten Hag got this one wrong, he knew it was up to them to turn it around

Manchester United suffered a heavy defeat away to Aston Villa that hurt the club. 

By Harry Smith

Manchester United suffered a heavy defeat away to Aston Villa that hurt the club. 
Manchester United suffered a heavy defeat away to Aston Villa that hurt the club. 
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It was an unexpected thing that happened to the team, an unusual effort to recover in a game that they did not know how to handle, the team came with a great dynamic game that today was left in an abyss of solutions, they could not turn on the effectiveness with which they had been working, they were pending to be able to achieve a good result for the team, they could not give credit to what was happening.

It was a crushing defeat for the hopes of Erik ten Hag's team, who trusted in his team to be able to show that they were a better team, he normally plays his best eleven on the pitch, on this occasion he could not innovate to surprise the rival, the strategy had already worked for him in other matches, now he could not do anything with a team that was unwilling to look for a positive result.

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The team captain was missed, insisted on putting him on and the midfield failed

The failures were present with Cristiano Ronaldo, he had no options generated by an inoperative midfield, the defence that had kept the rival in recent games did not show up, before the match they had conceded only one goal in the last seven games, today there were three that Aston Villa scored, evidencing failures in Lisandro Martinez and Victor Lindelof, there was no great performance in this match, it was evident the failure in the whole system.

"After a long time that this happened, I said it was up to us. We didn't keep the ball, we didn't get the organisation right, we didn't follow the rules and we lost battles", Dutch coach Erik ten Hag told the BBC, he regretted losing the game in this way, there was no ability to respond from the Red Devils, he acknowledged that the game was poorly planned, and that if they lost it was their own fault, they were not forceful with the team.

Erik ten Hag admits his team's failings, it was up to them to win the game today

It was very difficult to lose a crucial game in this season with the defeat that Tottenham had, they would have gone up in the standings, also, Manchester City and the leader, Arsenal, won to separate more in the distance for the first places in the Premier League, these will complicate a lot the illusions of Erik ten Hag and his team, who had a lot of inoperability in all their lines, there was no coordination in the team of Erik ten Hag, they failed in many ways.


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