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Cristiano can't get enough of missing goals, Erik ten Hag to make this decision

Manchester United lost scandalously at Villa Park and the result is painful.

By Harry Smith

Manchester United lost scandalously at Villa Park and the result is painful.
Manchester United lost scandalously at Villa Park and the result is painful.
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The great streak that the team had, just three games before the end of their participation could not achieve the goal of continuing adding, they lost the crucial match against Aston Villa, they had many problems to be able to recover this situation. The match had high hopes of winning to continue the team's good season, but they have not been able to achieve it with the development of the team.

Now they will look for a way to make up for this terrible result in their visit to Villa Park, they have not been able to get a good result to keep them in the desired positions, unrecognisable midfielders, they kept insisting on putting Donny van De Beek, since the last game against Real Sociedad he showed a bad version of his game, today he repeated in the team's starting line-up for no apparent reason.

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They were not being associative, he took the association in a bad way, very little of Alejandro Garnacho in continuing to press on the wings and having a good season, has sought to highlight in his game that at all times Aston Villa complicated, it is a hard blow that Manchester United had in this visit, with this defeat the team will not get closer to the top places with Tottenham and Newcastle.

Manchester United's great defensive performance was broken, in the last seven games they had managed to leave the opponent in zero in six occasions, it is a failure the visit that Manchester United had to Aston Villa, it was disastrous that there was no connection in midfield to be able to associate the team, they tried, but they could not with the pressure they got for the result, the same pressure made them make mistakes in different plays looking for the result.

Cristiano continues to fail, they can't afford not to score goals

Before this match that was lost in the visit to Villa Park they lost 3-1 and even with an own goal included for the Red Devils, they had many problems to be able to stand out in the match, the Portuguese star had very clear options that he could not finish, no doubt the criticism and his departure will not be expected in the Red Devils, Manchester United has a lot to offer and today did not show that team that had new matches without losing.


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