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Eric Cantona says club owners don't know how to operate Man Utd

By Harry Smith

Eric Cantona says club owners don't know how to operate Man Utd

Eric Cantona is a Man Utd legend and questioned the management of the club.

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Manchester United is a very relevant and very valuable team at club level, it's one of the most valuable sporting brands, it's a team with fans all over the world. The Red Devils are a team of tradition in every possible way. They have achieved many titles over the years.


Eric Cantona commented that since 2013 the club has made a lot of money, since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club they have doubled their income, since then they have not won anything major like the Premier League or the Champions League. He added that, if the club had done well, they could have tripled their income, but they don't understand that, it seems to be all about spending money and they don't know how to do it.


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He also commented on the offer he made in 2021 to the club's former vice-chairman Ed Woodward, who assumed he could take over as chairman of the football side of the Red Devils. Shortly after this response was rejected, to which Cantona argued to The Athletic that a person who knows football was needed in that position and could help with the business side of things.


"Woodward is great at marketing, but not at football"


The displeasure of the Frenchman was noted when he spoke about the current management of the club, he said that they still do not know how to manage a brand as important as Manchester United, a historic and iconic institution that will seek in the project they have now to return to the triumphs and thus more frequent the titles that have been won in recent years.




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