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Fans could be Manchester United's new owners

By Harry Smith

Fans could be Manchester United's new owners

The Glazers are the family who own the club and have shown an interest in selling the team.

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It has been 17 years since the final sale of the Old Trafford club, the owners who are disliked by their fans for what they have done with it, from funding their businesses with money earmarked for the club. They know they have a very valuable brand, that some will want to bid more than the team is worth. Manchester United will be ready to have owners who reflect their fans. Manchester United fans have been expecting convincing results from their team for many seasons now.


According to The Athletic, Manchester United hopes to sell a percentage of shares, so that the owners can be fans who can build a community with the team's supporters. The stocks that the team has for sale are those of the former player Eric Cantona, who would be willing to continue with the Manchester United project.


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In addition, the Glazer family is willing to listen to offers, although not selling more than half is one of the issues stopping potential buyers from continuing to bid for the team. The family expects a lot from an offer that can convince them in some way. In addition, there is an attractive project to continue to add important titles to the team. Certainly a brand that is not at the highest value right now can try to tempt the Glazers.


Eric Cantona wants to be more involved in his role at Manchester United


In the interview he commented on the importance of the fans for this club, what they have to do to improve as an institution, and it is inevitable to imagine that the fans could be shareholders of the club they support, something that many would like because of the dislike they have for the Glazer family's management.







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