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Christian Eriksen's experience in derbies could help Manchester United

Christian Eriksen will try to help the team get their first win of the season

By Harry Smith

Christian Eriksen will try to help the team get their first win of the season
Christian Eriksen will try to help the team get their first win of the season
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Ahead of the derby against Liverpool on Monday, Christian Eriksen had an interview with United Review, where he was asked about his experience in derbies throughout his career. From Eredivisie, to Premier League, to Serie A, the midfielder has played several big matches in the last decade. First, he recalled his first derby at Ajax.

“That was one of the first derbies I played in, that was very intense. At the time I was very young so to get into those games was tough. I think away fans were not allowed at the games because they were so aggressive with each other. But it was nice and a good vibe, and we were lucky on the better side, as our Ajax sides were winning the games more often than Feyenoord, which makes it easier”.

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During his time at Tottenham, he remembers the Premier League derbies were pretty intense: “Not just the north London derbies, but all the London derbies were getting more aggressive in general. Because a lot of clubs were up and down, depending on where in the league, which would add to the pressure. They were tough but derbies are also the ones that people tune in to watch”.

Lastly, he also played in ‘il Derby Della Madonnina’ between AC Milan and Inter: “Yeah, the derby I played was just before lockdown, in the cup. My second home game, that was special. The fans in Italy, the Tifosi they call them, and the stadium makes it even more special. Each club has one side of the stadium and you get the whole vibe of the people against each other. It’s very special”.

Much needed experience

In recent years, the Manchester United players have proven that their mentality is fragile. But the signings of Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane, Casemiro, and Christian Eriksen will give the team a lot of their big game experience and hopefully will help the younger players on the field.

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