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The offer that Man United would receive for Maguire and McTominay that surprises

Manchester United would need to think about this offer.

By Angus Barnes

Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay
Harry Maguire and Scott McTominay
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The red devils are now looking to go ahead and change their budget for the transfer window, and they might be able to do just that with this new offer.

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Manchester United new office is ready to go ahead and put up to 300 million euros for the summer transfer window to really help the team make some changes right away. Some of the calculations of the team also believe that they would be able to get up to 500 million euros, if they make the right sales, and this offer could really help the team with that situation now.

Harry Maguire is one of the players that could leave the team, it has been confirmed that the red devils are looking for new center backs for the team. On top of that it has also been confirmed that the defender is looking to get the most playing time as he can, now that he is looking into the Euros competition with the England National team and his role there.

In the case of Scott McTominay it does seem that the midfielder would like to stay with the red devils but he is also aware that he would be getting less playing time in the next seasons. Despite being key for the team in the current season it seems that he might be looking to make the move as well.

And on top of that it has been confirmed that the West Ham team are still interested in both Maguire and McTominay for the next summer transfer window. Both players could get a much more important role over there, as this could really help the team to get some better chances, and this would force the red devils to go ahead and make sure that they considere their new offer.

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West Ham offer

Most of the sources do believe that right now the Hammers would be willing to go ahead and offer at least 100 million euros for both players, and Maguire and McTominay would be ready to make the move, so it is up to the red devils office.

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