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Diogo Dalot recognizes the important value of Manchester United fans

By Angus Barnes

Diogo Dalot

Manchester United fans have been key for the team this season.

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The red devils are looking to get some better results in the next part of the season, as they are ready to really help the team in the near future.

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Manchester United office and the players are aware of the goals for the team by the end of the season, they have to end as one of the top four Premier League teams, this could really boost their chances for the season. In order to do just that the team is lookin to get the best out of the players on each game to really help the team right away.

“I’ve been in a lot of stadiums and I don’t remember seeing away fans like Man United fans.” Dalot started and the fact is that right now the team definitely needs to make sure that they get most of the points that they can. In fact, Dalot has been key for the team as he has been able to really win his position as the starting right back for them.

Dalot then added, “Away from home, wherever we go, they are always there, they make their presence felt, so it’s always special when we play away from home, because we feel they’re always with us no matter what.” and the team definitely needs the support from the fans in the next part of the season to get some better results.

“It was really quick, I just tried to reach him as fast as I could because I knew he was in a good position to score. I was fortunate enough to win the tackle and get the ball.” Dalot said on the tackle against Bowen in the Luton Town game that definitely help the team to get the three points as that is what the team is looking from them.

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Diogo Dalot role

Diogo Dalot has been key for the red devils, as he has been able not only to be the starter of the team but also to become one of the most important leaders off and on the pitch that really helps the team in most games now.

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