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Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not happy with Casemiro and would ensure his replacement

Manchester United new owner is ready to have an impact with the team.

By Angus Barnes

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils are looking to make several changes to the team, and the new office could be a really big part of those changes in the next part of the season.

Manchester United new office main concern is the fact that the Premier League has not been able to complete the take over now, and the fact is that they are looking to have an impact with the team, but with the arrival of some players they might be able to do just that in the next few months to get better results this part of the season.

On top of that it has been confirmed that Casemiro is one of the players that Sir Jim Ratcliffe really points out as one of the mistakes for the team, the reason being that they invested an important amount on a player that was really close to end his career, and now he is looking to change that in the next few months with this new player.

Several sources have now confirmed that Khephren Thuram, the 22 year old midfielder that currently plays at the OGC Nice team could be looking to make the move in the next part of the season, and this could really be the best option that the red devils would have to secure a new midfielder in the next few months as well now.

Khephren Thuram seems to be one of the best young midfielders in the Ligue 1 team, and the fact is that now they are looking to make sure that he arrives to the red devils, and the deal might be really easy to happen thanks to the fact that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the current owner of the french team and that would help the deal to happen right away.

Khephren Thuram value

Most of the sources believe that any deal for Khephren Thuram to the red devils would involve a value of 30 million euros, and the fact is that this could really help the team to secure his arrival as soon as the CEO of INEOS takes over the team.

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