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Erik ten Hag eyes a young Arsenal star, they would pay more than 60 million for him

Manchester United are ready to pay this amount for the young player.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag and Mikel Arteta
Erik ten Hag and Mikel Arteta
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The red devils know that they might have to sign some players that have shown their value in the Premier League, and that could ideal for this player now.

Manchester United main concern right now is the fact that the red devils signings under Ten Hag have not been able to have a real impact on the team, and the main concern for the team right now is the lack of goals, something that they might be looking to change with the arrival of this new player to the team that would help them with just that.

On top of that it has also been confirmed that the red devils office is looking to take some pressure off Rasmus Hojlund, now that the young striker has not been able to have a really good season, but most of the parts of the office believe that it is only a matter of time for him to be able to have the impact that they are looking for on him.

That is why now it has been confirmed that both Erik ten Hag and Sir Jim Ratlcliffe seem to be ready to go ahead and sign Eddie Nketiah, the back up striker from the Arsenal team seems to be looking for a new team that would offer him much more playing time, and this could be ideal for the red devils as well.

Eddie Nketiah is looking for much more playing time in the next part of the season, and the fact is that now they are looking to make sure that they are going to have the chance to sign him, but in order to do that they might have to send a good enough offer to convince the Gunners to sell him to a direct rival in the Premier League.

Eddie Nketiah value

While it seems that the red devils are looking to sign Eddie Nketiah, it has been confirmed that for any team in the Premier League, they might have to go ahead and offer at least 60 million euros if they want the deal to happen this winter.

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