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Scott McTominay has high expectations set on this Manchester United teammate

Manchester United midfielder really trust this teammate.

By Angus Barnes

Scott McTominay
Scott McTominay
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The red devils are looking to have a much more consistent line up for the second part of the season, and that could start with the arrival of this player to the team.

Manchester United manager is looking to make some changes to the team in the second part of the season, and this would allow for some player to show that they not only deserve to be a part of the line up but that they also have the need to be an important part of the team for the season and for the future of the team as well.

"A good team who are well organised and play a little bit different to some other teams in the Premier League, a little bit more unorthodox with the high line. It's going to be an exciting game." McTominay said when he was asked about the Spurs game and now this game could have a really important impact for the second part of the season for the red devils.

McTominay then said, "He's been brilliant, taking everything in his stride. He's still a young player, and people don't want to put too much hype around him. Just let him progress, and enjoy playing his football because the future is so bright." when he was talking about Kobbie Mainoo and the role he could have with the team this current season.

"He's a really humble kid, his mother's such a lovely lady. You can tell he's had a really good upbringing in terms of how grounded he is and that he'll never go too above the sky in terms of getting ahead of himself." McTominay added on Mainoo as well, and this show that he could be one of the most important for the red devils in the seasons to come.

Kobbie Mainoo role

Kobbie Mainoo seems to be set to be a part of the starting line up for the team, and this would really allow the team to get more control on the midfield, something that the manager feels that has been missing in the current season right now.

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