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Roy Keane is not convinced about Ashworth arrival at Man United for this reason

Manchester United legend is not convinced about his arrival to the team.

By Angus Barnes

Roy Keane and Dan Ashworth
Roy Keane and Dan Ashworth
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The red devils are looking to make several changes to the team and now they might have some concern with the future for a really important reason in this changes.

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Manchester United office is looking to go ahead and make sure that they make the right changes for the hierarchy of the team, and the fact is that right now they are also looking to go ahead and bring new persons that could help the team, but the fact is that now Keane is not convinced that the red devils are seeing the full picture with the arrival of Ashworth.

"The role of a scout has changed massively, compared to back in our day, where you’d have a scout in the North-West, one in Scotland etc., but the money available now, there’s no surprise that the scouting network has changed." Keane started, and the fact is that now there are some other concers with the arrival of Ashworth and the role that he is going to have with the team.

Keane then added, “He doesn’t hang around does he? I’m not sure loyalty is on the top of his list. He left Brighton for Newcastle and now [in only 2 years] he’s jumping to join United." and the fact is that this could be a concern for Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the INEOS office that are building a new project.

"You have to look at that side of the personality as well, no doubt he is brilliant at his job, but who’s to say in a year and a half he might want to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona.” Keane ended as his main concern with his arrival to the red devils, and now they might be looking to secure him for a really long term for the future.

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Dan Ashworth arrival

But the fact remains that the red devils new office is still keen on the idea to bring Dan Asworth to the team and they could now be looking to go ahead and make sure that they make some changes to secure him for several years now.

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