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Sir Jim Ratcliffe fumes as Manchester United's first target would cost millions

Manchester United might need to change their mind with this target.

By Angus Barnes

Sir Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim Ratcliffe
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The red devils are now looking to make some changes in the next part of the season and this could start with a very costly target for the team now.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea that they have to change the current hierarchy of the red devils, and while it seems that they might be ready to do just that in the next part of the season, the fact is that the current budget of the team might be a factor for the team to actually go ahead and complete the deals they want right now.

It has been confirmed several times now that the red devils are keen on the idea to make Dan Ashworth the new sporting director of the team, and the fact is that there are some sources that he is ready to go ahead and arrive to the team and start working, but to do that the red devils would have to pay an important amount to make it happen now.

Several sources have now confirmed that the Newcastle team is not willing to let Dan Ashworth join the red devils and start working right away, and the fact is that now it has been confirmed that in order to do that the team would be looking to pay at least 10 million euros for him to work with the team.

If the red devils would like to wait for Dan Ashworth to work for them an avoid the 10 million euros fee, that some of the sources have confirmed that the office of the team sees as aexcessive, they would have to sign him right now and then wait until 2025 for him to be able to work, and this could be the reason why they might change their minds.

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Dan Ashworth future

Most of the sources have been able to confirmed that Dan Ashworth is willing to work with the red devils right away, and the fact is that he seems to be keen on the idea to make the move as soon as he actually can right now.

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