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Ole Gunnar reviews his time at Manchester United as he would accept his new job

Manchester United former manager is ready to take on a new challenge.

By Angus Barnes

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
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The red devils are looking to go ahead and get new projects for the team, but they can not forget about the past seasons to look for ways to improve.

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Manchester United new office is keen to let the bad seasons behind them as they are also looking to go ahead and get some better results. There are managers like Ole Gunnar that leave a mark on their teams, and right now he reviews just that, as he is currently looking to go ahead and make sure that he makes the right decision for his own future this next days.

“I didn’t win a trophy at Man United, and I know that matters. I was a penalty kick away from winning one against Villarreal. But I fulfilled my initial remit at United. Got people smiling again. Get the team winning." Ole Gunnar started and he seems to be ready to go ahead and sign a contract with the Bayern Munich team as part of the staff for their next seasons.

Ole Gunnar added, "We were unbeaten away from home for 29 games. It’s not easy to do that. We went to places like Man City and beat them. We didn’t win the league but trust me, to finish second and third with the squad I had was an achievement.” on his time with the red devils and his real achivements.

"I had to do 12 months in the army, which took a little toll on my career, and development stopped a little bit, but looking back, that’s when I also became a man. Eighteen months after playing in front of 50 people in my little town, I was celebrating goals with Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham. That was a quick development.” Ole ended on his own football career.

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Ole Gunnar future

Most of the sources have been able to confirm that Ole Gunnar is actually going to take this job at the german team, and this would help him rerturn to his career as a manager and boost his chances for a new role in the near future.

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