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Ten Hag has defined Antony's future and has a special request for Man United

Manchester United manager has defined the future of Antony for the next season.

By Angus Barnes

Erik ten Hag and Antony
Erik ten Hag and Antony
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The red devils are looking to make some changes in the next transfer window, and now the manager is getting involved in some of the decisions they have made now.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea that they have to "clean the house" before bringing any new players to the team. This has forced them to go ahead and look for players that could leave the team and could also bring some more money to increase the budget, this has also made them make some decisions to have the right time to actually take action on them.

One of the main concerns for the red devils is the fact that Ten Hag has some players that he favors over some others, and this was the same reason why Jadon Sancho decided to leave the team. INEOS office is also ready to force the manager to change that situation as he could have one final request for the team and could also change the future of Antony now.

Several sources have been able to confirm that the red devils manager, Ten Hag, has decided to go ahead and request the new office to let Antony stay with the team for at least one more season. The main idea would be to give him one last chance with the red devils to prove himself to the team as well.

Antony has been pointed as one of the worst signings for the red devils in their history, and now the manager is ready to change that with one last chance for the winger. It is yet unknown the answer from the INEOS office, but the fact is that they might not be so happy with the idea to keep him with the red devils due to his bad performances now.

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Antony value

In the past it was confirmed that the red devils new office was willing to take only 30 million euros for Antony as he listed as one of the main players that they would like to see leave the team in the next summer transfer window as well.

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