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Neville and Keane point out Ten Hag's main problem at Manchester United

By Angus Barnes

Neville and Keane point out Ten Hag's main problem at Manchester United

Manchester United manager needs to solve this situation right now.

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The red devils new office seems to be tempted to go ahead and change manager, but the fact is that he might get a chance to solve his main issue.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea to go ahead and make sure that the red devils do have the right chance to get the best results that they can, and most of the sources do believe that they would be looking to go ahead and make some changes to the team, but the manager might get one last chance to solve some of the main issues now.

"These United lads who have come through in the last five to eight years, if you’re a young lad coming through at Liverpool and Manchester City you’ve got a good chance, whereas if you’re at United now, you’re thinking 'who is guiding that dressing room?" Neville said, and the fact is that right now they might be looking for the manager to be able to control the dressing room now.

Keane added, “I thought all these players were brilliant professionals, and I looked around and thought what a great group of people. Players like Bryan Robson, Ryan Giggs and Lee Sharpe, all amazing professional players. Remember the Cliff, our old training ground in Salford?" on how things happen in the dressing room for the team back then for them now.

“My first pre-season we went to South Africa, and I couldn’t believe how brilliant it was and how good the players were. We’re talking about plenty of players when we played who would happily give tough love, but clearly no-one is doing that at United for Marcus and that is one of the problems that the team has" Keane ended on one of the main problems for the team now.

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Most of the sources do believe that right now the red devils manager needs to secure the good results to remain as the manager of the team for the next project as soon as the new season starts for the team with INEOS in the front.

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