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Mainoo receive advise after his possible call to the England National team

By Angus Barnes

Mainoo receive advise after his possible call to the England National team

Manchester United young player might be set to represent the national team.

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The red devils are really excited to go ahead and see their young player get his first call to the National team in the next part of the season now.

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Manchester United star is aware that he could be really close to get his first call to the National team, and the fact is that right now England might be looking to get ahead in the race to actually call him up now that the Ghana team is also interested to make sure that he represents their country, but before that he does receive an important advise for his future.

"It's exciting to watch players like Mainoo, especially when they have such huge talent, but one step at a time, don't jump when you need to walk first. Let's not get carried away and start talking about Mainoo getting picked by Gareth Southgate and going to this summer's Euros with England." Berbatov started on the future of the midfielder that seems to be set to get the first call now.

Berbatov then added, "Obviously Ten Hag trusts Mainoo and knows how to manage him so everything else will follow in time. We need to just enjoy what's happening now and not get carried away just yet. Let Mainoo play." and this could really help him for the future with the team in the next few months to really help him.

"He's doing great so we need to just let him be, let him play and let him enjoy himself. The goal he scored against Wolves was great because it shows that he's mature beyond his years. He had the courage to try something different in the last minute of the game and it was a special moment." Berbatov ended and the fact is that this could really boost his career.

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Kobbie Mainoo decision

Sources close to Kobbie Mainoo have confirmed that the red devils midfielder might be looking to go ahead and make sure that the player would like to represent the England National team, but the call might have to happen in the near future to secure just that.

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