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Bruno Fernandes receives disappointing news that would leave him at Man United

Manchester United latest decision could send Bruno Fernandes out of the team.

By Angus Barnes

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes
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The red devils new office has taken some decisions in the last part of the season and they could have a really important impact on the team for the team.

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Manchester United main concern is the fact that the red devils are now looking to make sure that they make some important decisions in the next part of the season, and the fact is that they are also looking to go ahead and get some really important results that could help them for the team to really go ahead and start a new project for the team in the future.

Now it has been confirmed that the red devils midfielder and captain is going to get some important offers from the Saudi Arabia league, especially from the Al Hilal team and the fact is that this could be one of the mian reasons why his future might change in the next few months to really make sure that he accepts the right offer for the striker in the near future.

But the fact is that right now the red devils have not been able to go ahead and make sure that they are going to offer him a new contract for Bruno Fernandes, the fact is that the midfielder is not going to get a new contract, and that could force him to leave the team in the near future.

The real reason behind the fact that the red devils are not going to offer a new salary to Bruno Fernandes is due to the reason that the INEOS office believe that they do not want to offer a new contract to a 29 year old player that might be looking to drop his performances in the next part of the season if they actually give him a new contract.

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Bruno Fernandes salary

But the fact is that right now Bruno Fernandes earns a salary of 13 million euros with the red devils, and the fact is that the Al Hilal team is ready to offer him 80 million euros per year if he decides to make the move now.

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