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Marcus Rashford defines his future with Manchester United and fans are surprised

Manchester United office are aware of the latest Marcus Rashford decision.

By Angus Barnes

Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford
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The red devils are ready to see some players leave the team, but they are also aware that some of them might like to stay for the future as well.

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Manchester United office is now keen on the idea to go ahead and make sure that they analyze the role of every single player on the team, and the fact is that this could really change their future, now that it has also been confirmed that there is not a single player on the team that is safe from leaving the team in the next summer after getting analyzed now.

And on the other hand it has been confirmed that there is a lot of interest from the PSG team to make sure that Marcus Rashford becomes the replacement of Mbappé if he actually leaves the french team, and in fact it has also been confirmed that Real Madrid would sign him if they are unable to get Mbappé, so there is a lot of interest on the winger now.

But the fact is that right now it has been confirmed that the red devils winger has decided that he would like to stay with the team for the next few seasons, most of the sources close to him believe that he still has the need to accomplish some important things with the red devils before even thinking about leaving.

Marcus Rashford seems to be keen on the idea that the red devils offered him a contract that puts him at 400,000 euros per week for a reason and now he is working to make sure that he gets the chance to be the player that the red devils office and the fans hope for him to be, so right now there is no chance of him moving right now.

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Marcus Rashford offers

But the fact is that the red devils office has not discarded the option to let Marcus Rashford leave the team, and any offer above 100 million euros might be enough to change their stance on the future of the winger to let him leave the team.

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