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Diogo Dalot raises important question for Ten Hag and his future with Man United

Manchester United office has some questions for the future of Ten Hag.

By Angus Barnes

Diogo Dalot
Diogo Dalot
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The red devils are now looking to make some changes to the team in the next part of the season with the changes they want for the team right now.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea to go ahead and make some changes to the team, but the fact is that this could include the idea to give some new roles to the players that are currently on the team, and the fact is that they could also be looking to go ahead and get the best results that could actually help the team for the future.

"I remember speaking to Cristiano Ronaldo and saying 'Is he really going to be any good?' And Cristiano said 'Rio, he works, he'll work harder, he'll make himself better, 100% he'll improve'." Ferdinand said on Dalot, but now he has confirmed that the red devils might think to make him the captain for some of the games of the team and boost his chances to have a bigger impact now.

Ferdinand then added, "I said to Darren Fletcher, I was at the training ground the other day, I said 'He's [Dalot] really impressed me,' and he was saying 'Listen, he's a worker, he's going to make himself the player he needs to be'." now that he has been key for the red devils in the current season for the team.

"I still think defensively he probably needs to work a little bit but defensively [vs Aston Villa] I thought he was very good." Ferdinand ended and the fact is that now it has been confirmed that Dalot is part of the players that are going to play in every single game that he is available and he could still be looking to have a bigger impact for the team now.

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Diogo Dalot future

Most of the sources have confirmed that Dalot is happy with his current role with the red devils but the fact is that he could also be looking to make some changes in the near future to have the chance to have a bigger impact as well.

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